Discover what CDF Scottish drone services could do for you

CDF is an Independent Scottish drone services provider specialising in high quality Remote Aerial Imaging Services throughout Scotland, UK and beyond. We cover a wide variety of industries and sectors and provide multiple aerial imaging options including  but not limited to:

Marketing & Social Media – Images, Video, Time Lapse, 360 degree footage and more

High Level Inspections – Panoramas, Line of Site checks, Repair & Maintenance Checks, Digital Records, Roofing, Snagging, Fault Finding, Insurance Claims and more.

Digital Site Imaging / Mapping (2D & 3D) – Planning, Designing, Insurance, Digital Records, Risk Evaluations and Highlighting, Drainage Issues, Agriculture and more.

As an independent provider we’re free to explore new ways to utilise our technology, so if you are unsure where to start, give us a call to discuss your needs and possible options with no obligation.