Why hire a CDF Drone Pilot to provide your Drone Services in Argyll, Scotland or the UK?

3D Demolition / House Build site Map demo

Drones are amazing when used correctly, they are quick, provide access to hard to reach, large or confined areas quickly and they are very adaptable, saving lots of  industries time and money.

Not only do they do all of these things well, but they also produce amazing Footage, Data and Maps thanks to their high quality camera’s, which can be shared between professionals all over the world.


Drone technology really has come a long way, and as you’re probably already aware, they are proving very popular among lots of forward thinking organisations.


So why hire a Drone pilot from Commercial Drone Footage?

  1. We’re profesionally trained and we work with drones & data all day long.
  2. We’re specialists, we’ve always got our finger on the pulse of new drone technology, regulations, upcoming laws, insurance requirements, new products and services.
  3. We specialise in Aerial Data and footage capture. Each client has a different need, so we utilise our collective experience to produce the best results for our clients needs.
  4. Digital Mapping – we can produce extremely detailed digital maps with multiple layers suitable for design teams, architects, insurers, builders, surveyors, inspections and more.
  5. We work in two environments and so we understand avaiation regulations and ground laws.
  6. We can respond quickly to a clients needs.
  7. We’re covered by our own Specialised Liability Insurance.
  8. We’re Professionals.

When hiring a CDF pilot, your hiring a professional, someone who understands how to fly, when to fly and where to fly legally and most importantly, safely. You’re also hiring a trained professional who understands what to do if things go wrong, and prior to anything more serious happening, taking the right action.

Our trained pilots also know how to maintain the equipment they use and how often, which in turn heavily reduces the likelyhood of any “accident” happening in the first place.

We want our clients to have peace of mind when hiring a CDF pilot, knowing that all necessary risk assesments have been carried out and all checks are completed prior to any flight leaving the ground.

Our Drone Pilots are based in Argyll, giving us great access to the West of Scotland, however we’re more than happy to discuss travelling further afield to provide the same seamless service for our clients when required.

Not sure what we can do for you, get in touch and lets have a brief chat to discuss your thoughts and needs.


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