Commercial Drone Pilot services in Scotland

3D Forestry map – Aerial Drone Images processed into a useful 3D model / map

Drones have come a long way in the last few years, and with safety in mind, the drones themselves have become smaller and lighter. This has all been made possible thanks to ever smaller and more intelligent technology.
As a fully authorised Commercial Drone Services business in Scotland, we make use of this ever safer, smarter and intelligent technology and use it to provide ever more useful aerial data and imagery services for our clients.

As drone camera technology becomes smaller and yet provides better quality images, we can carry out all sorts of Industrial and commercial drone flights for ever extended periods of time in the air. This extra time in the air allows us to gather amazing images of tall and difficult structures and the technology attached to them, footage of land and crops covering large areas, information on land drainage issues, mapping of new infrastructure or access to name just a few. All of this can be achieved quickly and efficiently and with much better actionable data provided in the process.

This same data is now historical, it can be viewed time and again, and overlayed with other data from previous reports or flights allowing teams, planners, designers and management to work more efficiently. Capture data prior to changes, then recapture the exact images again during or after changes are made. Share this between teams, contractor’s or clients as the site progresses and revisit again to learn from previous issues.

This is all achievable now thanks to Commercial Drone Footage drone flights. We offer fully authorised, fully insured drone pilot services based in Argyll, Scotlandand beyond. If you would like to know more please get in touch and lets discuss your needs.

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