PAYG Drone Services and Inspections in Scotland

It seems as though over the last few years everyone is talking about drones and what they can do for their industry, but the high costs and investments required, never mind the renewed costs should staff leave the business, has quite rightly put some businesses off.

So what can Commercial Drone Footage (CDF) do for your business?

  1. As an independent contractor we automatically remove the startup and management costs of operating a drone for your business.
  2. We’re Pay As You Go, so no expensive equipment and staff sitting idle. And while we’re mentioning it, no need to struggle through constant legislation changes, equipment updates, equipment health checks or additional insurance hurdles either.
  3. Health & Safety savings. Why send two members of staff to climb awkward spaces and inspect your equipment, installations or buildings? Sending our pilot to your required location removes 90% of the risk, and as our feet stay firmly on the ground you’ll not only be reducing risks for your employees, you’ll save costs, time and best of all…
  4. Digital Records. Not only can we do all of the above for your business needs, but we’ll also be providing a digital record of the work we do. This improves reporting and allows teams from all over the globe to work together sharing information, and as changes happen, we can repeat fly the locations providing digital records of all changes and improvements as time goes on.
  5. Insurance.  If you’re looking to report a loss or damage to your Installations, Properties, Crops etc, pictures say a thousand words and we can even Digitally map a location to generate measurements suitable for more precise estimations of losses. In some Industries our footage can also reach places possibly missed by ground checks meaning undervalued claims and unrecoverable losses.
  6. We’re CHAS Health & safety Certified / Registered too.

And that’s not all, but its a bloody good start, so why not get in touch and lets see what we can do for you.

Unlike a lot of service providers, we pride ourselves on our flexibility, so if it’s something as yet untested or untried get in touch, we’re keen to explore the farthest reaches of this great technology and even if we need to research your proposition we’ll do all we can for our clients from start to finish.

Commercial Drone Footage is based in North Ayrshire, Scotland and we provide Aerial Drone Services throughout Scotland and beyond.

CDF is Fully Authorised & Insured to provide Commercial Drone Services.




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