Professional Drone Services Scotland and UK

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Commercial Drone Footage, CDF for short, specialises in high quality Aerial Drone Services throughout Scotland, UK and beyond.

As a CAA Approved Operator we provide multiple specialised services for our clients, and cover a wide variety of industries and sectors.

Our Drone Services Include but are not limited to:

High Level Inspections – Repair & Maintenance Checks, Roofing, Snagging, Fault Finding, Insurance Claims and more.

Digital Site Imaging / Mapping (2D & 3D) – Planning, Designing, Insurance, Digital Records, Risk Evaluations and Highlighting, Drainage Issues, Agriculture and more.

Marketing & Social Media – Images, Video, Time Lapse, 360 degree footage and more.

CDF Training & Safety

Safety is our top priority and we are always looking to improve our standards. As part of our ongoing training and improvements, CDF became CHAS Certified and Quad Bike Safety Certified in 2018 and we look forward to announcing new certifications as they take shape.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch via our contact page and lets have a friendly chat to discuss your needs further.


As a legitimate UK Drone based service provider, CDF Commercial Operations are covered by specialised SUA specific Public Liability Insurance (EC 785/2004).