Drone Menace or Drones for Good?

It’s interesting seeing the varied responses to Drones on social media.

Some love them, some hate them, but with all the bad press recently the mood is definitely moving towards the more negative viewpoint.

Like all things, it takes the “few” to spoil it for the “many”.
Booze for example, most people (including me) enjoy a social drink with friends without turning into drunken killer zombies, but head into your nearest town or city at the weekend & you’ll see quite a “few” spoiling it for others both here & abroad. These “few” will fill our Police Stations & local A&E units, removing their services for others who actually need them, yet this is old news & even though it happens every weekend there’s very little bad reporting of it anymore & Laws will continue to take generations to do anything about it if at all.

I could use many other examples, but you’ll find the same thing is true.

Now Drones are different just now because they are still relitively new. It seems that the press just love a bit of scaremongering with something new. All it takes is some misinformation, bad reporting & lack of facts to flood peoples fears, & suddenly the “few” become the “many”.
Where issues are reported, what is probably in all reality a misinformed individual making a genuine mistake, instead becomes a highly dangerous person with a flying weapon or theyre making a targeted attack & that’s if there was anyone or anything there in the first place. Those of us in this industry have all heard and and listened to plenty reports of people confusing plastic shopping bags & bits of recycling blowing in the wind at a distance being reported as out of control drones.

In reality most Drones are generally flown by sensible people, and when you look into their Commercial uses Drones serve many useful purposes & are flown by trained drone pilots like myself with CAA Permissions and Full Insurance cover.

So what are Drones doing around the world thats so good for everyone… let’s mention a few ( in no particular order):

Reducing personnel injury risks with high level Inspections, Industrial Chimney & pipe inspections etc
Wildlife monitoring
Shark alerts on popular beaches
Ocean wildlife monitoring
Coastal flooding & erosion monitoring
Agriculture Planning & Monitoring
Site mapping
Construction /infrastructure / land management Design, Planning, & monitoring
2D & 3D modelling
Fire & Forest fire monitoring
Police crowd control
Police chasing criminals
Police Crime Monitoring
Military troop protection Monitoring
Border security
Mountain Rescue / Searches
Coastguard Rescue / Searches
Missing persons searches
Air Taxis
And of course Blood, Organ & medical supply Deliveries etc etc etc …

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Pretty useful overall and that’s just the airborne benefits.

In the grand scheme of designs becoming a disrupting force in our lives, Drones have outperformed everything but the Internet i’d say… but just like the Internet, there’s also some useless C#@p out there too, like delivering Pizza or Coffee.

Hopefully more people will start to see & understand the true benefits of Drone Tech, maybe this post will help our case before the press get their way…

The actual reality is, Drones can and are doing a lot of good around the world, and I count myself fortunate to be exploring their uses with my forward thinking clients all the time.

If you are looking for Drone Services in the UK I hope you’ll consider CDF Drone Services and let me show you what we can do, Drones really can be used for good things, and reduce company risks as well as provide a whole host of services 😉👍 click here to get in touch

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