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Providing Commercial Drone Services throughout Scotland, CDF assist our clients in multiple areas including but not limited to;  Aerial Maintenance Inspections, Digital Communications, Surveys, 3D Image Captures, Insurance Proofs, Site Planning, Site updates, Site snagging checks, Forestry services, Agriculture checks, Land management, Property Maintenance, Mining, Green Energy installations as well as those glossy aerial images and videos drones are becoming well known for. This list keeps growing as new and old clients find new and interesting ways to utilise our skills.

If your looking to improve time sensitive, labour intensive and high risk tasks with quickly and safely captured high quality images that also provide digital records to be shared between teams wherever they’re required, then our drone services really do provide a complete and effective solution.

CDF are highly skilled aerial specialists, but we’re also health a safety conscious. Not only can our flights reduce risks for our clients staff (for example high level inspections and site safety planning), but we’re also RoSPA Certified ourselves, so you know your hiring a professional and safety conscious business.

Not sure what we could help with, get in touch to have an informal chat about your ideas and find out what this great technology could do for your business.

At CDF, we make use of the high quality data capturing ability that our drone camera’s offer us, to produce the best results for our clients needs and all with our feet firmly on the floor, reducing risks, insurance premiums and the usual high costs and time delays of hiring in other aerial services, scaffolding, scissor lifts & rigging. As we collect images for our clients, we also collect visual data records of your projects suitable for sharing all over your business or the world.

Drawings and data can only take you so far, Geo located images and mapping provide much better, clearer and more useful information for our clients to work with.

Now you can inspect or visualise your site from any computer or internet connected device, you can also use a CDF generated map (depending on requirements) to measure and calculate area. This now becomes something more than an inspection tool, but it can also become a planning tool, or a contractor invoice and compliance tool. 

200+ acre (81 hectares) map above, zoomed (from the 100m above) reveals our vehicle at the gate. This image is from the centre bottom of the image, can you see it…?

Our amazing 4k stabilised digital camera’s are capable of capturing extremely detailed aerial images. Our Drone footage is perfect for an ever growing number of commercial applications for example equipment & infrastructure inspections, building site analysis, ground analysis, construction, aggregate / soil volumes, time lapse footage, crop management, forestry, golf greens, groundworks, site planning, pest surveys, ground surveying, land management to name just a few and the list is continually growing. Small and safe, small unmanned aerial vehicles, “drones “, under the control of a fully qualified and insured CAA PFCO approved pilot can be used to capture fantastic aerial detail ideal for an ever-growing number of commercial applications.

Construction, Mining & Surveying: (Imaging / Photogrammetry / Mapping)

Quickly captured and reported aerial images can be used to check and report site progress to design teams, planning departments, investors and management teams. Checks can also include precise length & distance measurements, trench, drainage and utility planning & position checking, quality of works and Warranty checks, soil and waste removal volume calculations and of course with all of these correct invoicing. For regular inspections nothing beats a drone, our small unmanned aerial systems can also retrace their last steps recording the same images weeks, months or even years apart, allowing for improved reporting and historical data throughout the project.

Large Site 3D Mapping

mixed mapping results

There have been numerous recent cases around the world of drone captured aerial images saving firms huge costs running into tens and hundreds of thousands of £s through wrongful or misleading invoicing, incorrect works, bad estimates or insufficient information. These issues have been spotted, checked and proven through images and maps created by drones already carrying out other duties on site.

Agriculture / Forestry & Land Management:

Historically if you wanted to view and inspect large areas of land, clients were forced to opt for expensive telescopic platforms or aerial footage from helicopters / small planes and alike. With modern drone technology, these areas can now be targeted by much safer and smaller high quality flying cameras (Drones). 

Land, crop and even animal management is much simpler when you can see it from above, with high quality stabilized footage captured by our aircraft, CDF can help you spot drainage issues, damaged fencing, gates and walls, diseases, pests, wind damage, growth levels, losses, access repairs, and much more. For regular inspections our small unmanned aerial systems can also retrace their last steps recording the same images weeks, months or even years apart, allowing for improved reporting and historical data checks, this is great for highlighting issues regularly encountered allowing landowners to better manage their land and reduce operating costs through additional chemical usage, drainage failures and crop damage etc.

Infrastructure, Green Energy, Insurance inspections & Property:

If you’ve read the industrial applications above you’ve probably already understood how CDF drone flights can be of benefit to your business. They’re relatively quick and cheap, which is always good news for businesses looking to save costs, however its worth mentioning more specifics of your industries too.

With high level inspections the costs associated with rigging, scaffolding, liability / risk insurance dual operator checks and the time required to complete each task soon mounts up. Additionally, time lost with staff inspecting equipment only to find nothing is wrong, also mounts up quickly, and removes their ability to maintain equipment elsewhere in the chain.

CDF aerial footage flights are quick and responsive, and they reduce the need for complex and expensive inspections. Our highly stabilized footage provides fantastic quality images, allowing our clients the freedom to quickly reach inaccessible locations and carry out inspections or visualisation captures covering large areas in a shorter time. Staff can now inspect these areas from computers, tablets and even phones, and share the information between teams, and all with a digital record allowing historical checks for future improvements and information. Images captured during flights can also be used for public displays, presentations, or for managerial meetings throughout the business.

This all helps to improve efficiency, reduce staff costs and accidents in the workplace.

Aerial Footage ROI

In Short, relatively quick flights can improve efficiencies business wide by picking up on suspected issues as well as highlighting issues not yet identified quickly and efficiently and improving the sharing of information. Completely stabilised Drone captured footage is helping construction sites spot mistakes before they are literally set in concrete, its helping crop growers to spot irrigation issues, pests and diseases, Industries can inspect hard to reach equipment and buildings, Surveyors can see highly detailed images and generate measurements, Architects can visualise surroundings better and Insurance companies can truly visualise claims and log images linked to each claim quickly.

CDF have the equipment, the skills and the training to save you money and enhance your business practices. If your business type is not mentioned here or you’re still not sure how we can help, please get in touch and have an informal chat, we’re always happy to look into new ways to improve our services and offerings.


RoSPA Certified