They say pictures say a thousand words and our Aerial Imagery is perfect for so many business needs, it reduces costs, streamlines practices, and its additional ability to reduce risk and improve health and safety has really brought it to the forefront of business practices all over the world. (Click here for a brief look some of the services we provide)

At CDF we love to see how our Professional Drone Services can assist our clients and we’re always open to new ideas and concepts that we can introduce into our services. CDF strive to keep our equipment, training and knowledge up to the highest levels, and if we need to learn something new for specific clients needs, we’re more than happy to dive right in.

This page should help you understand how we operate, how we charge for our services and what you should expect from us. We always advise our clients on the best solutions for their needs so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a friendly chat to discuss your thoughts.


What can you expect when you hire CDF Drone Services? Firstly No hidden costs.

In short we aim to provide a Quality Service at a Reasonable Price. 

As no two businesses needs are the same, and as we’re not experts in your business practices (yet), we’ll seek to understand your needs and costs, and then create a working model that fits those requirements, and in most cases offer additional benefits previously not available to you.

How do we calculate our fees? 

Our Standard Drone Services are booked in Quarter Days, Half Days, Full Days or multiples / a mixture of both, depending on the required results, target size, number of locations or flights per day etc, Plus editing, mapping, reporting, travel costs and if required any additional support / safety staff.

Our fees are calculated and broken down into;

  •  Pre Planning and Legislation requirement fulfilment time
  •  Outbound Travel time and cost
  •  On Site / Location time
  •  Return travel time
  •  Processing and Client reporting time.

The Basic Daily Rates from 1st June 2019 will be:

  • 1/4 Day  Rate £250 (Paid Upfront) very quick flight with pre planning and a set number of images or video.
  • 1/2 Day  Rate £350 (Paid Upfront) up to 2 flights with pre planning and a set number of images or video.
  • Full Day  Rate £670 (50% Paid Upfront & 50% on completion of flights) Multiple flights with pre planning and a set number of images or video.
  • Mixed Day Rates £Quoted as mixture of above (50% Paid Upfront & 50% on completion of flights) with pre planning and a set number of images or video.
  • Site Mapping £Quoted – There are many variables to take into consideration with mapping a site depending on the level of quality and size of site to be mapped, please contact for further details and pricing.

These prices are subject to change, based on 1 pilot only, and do not include travel costs. All our costs will be quoted prior to work being agreed.  


Reduced Fees

Repeat visits cost less. Repeat flights from the same take off point, reduce our planning costs which are in turn passed on to our repeat / loyal clients. We’ll discuss these savings with you as we plan your flight missions and you book your repeat missions.

So how does it work? Here’s a quick guide explaining how we operate.

1. Quick Basic conversation to understand your needs: (included) 

Before we can provide a full quote, we will require the following information in order to properly assess your proposed flight, so we can operate safely in your proposed location, and satisfy the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

Location: We can start with a postcode as a rough guide, however we will need an exact location in order to properly carry out a full flight risk assessment. This can now be achieved very easily with a new service that we use regularly to highlight and share a precise location.

Access: What is the site access like, do we require a pass, gate key or access code?

Permission: Are you the landowner? Do you have the landowners permission or can you get it? (we will send you a form to sign for this prior to any flights taking place.)

Job brief: Tell us what you wish to achieve. This way we can determine if your brief is possible, safe and within legal limits. We will also use our experience to guide you to the most suitable type of flight/s for your needs.

Subject: What do you want us to film? People, Property, Vehicles, Land, Crops, Mining etc. This again is all part of how we plan our flights safely and gather the best footage we can for our clients. 

aviation chartexample

2. Pre-Booking Flight Review (included)

Once we have the information above we will then begin our basic pre-booking review. This research allows us to check for any other legal requirements that may not have shown up in our initial conversation. At this stage, we have already carried out basic checks on your behalf without charge in order to give a reliable quote / estimation of fees.

3. Flight Quote, Editing Quote, Agreement & upfront fees.

Now the basic checks have been completed and you have a quote we will ask you to sign our work agreement and we will then book your proposed flight date into our system.

At this point we take our non-refundable upfront fee of either:

a) 1/4 Day or 1/2 Day fee

b) Full day fee or 

c) 50% – 70% of the total if higher than a-b, depending on the quoted fees and service.

This covers all the work already carried out, our upfront costs and the in-depth pre-flight planning you see below. Upfront fees depend proportionately on the size of the job and the work required up to the flight taking place. This is why the upfront fee is non refundable, the work has already been completed & costs incurred for this part of the job.

Large Site 3D Mapping

Editing / Mapping costs if required will be quoted & charged separately prior to flights. Quotes will vary according to each clients needs, number of images, data size, accuracy and the additional time required to complete the task. We will firstly discuss your needs to advise you on the most cost effective solution for your requirements, and then give you a quote for your editing / mapping requirements alongside your flight quote. Payment for editing / mapping will be paid upfront.

Flight Pre-Planning

Prior to any work commencing, drone pilots have to comply with CAA rules and carry out a full Pre Flight Plan to ensure all work can be carried out legally, safely and effectively.

Our planning process requires a review of the following key areas:

Aviation Charts, Flight Apps, NOTAMS, Insurance Checks, Site Measurements, Support Staff needs, Regulatory Services,

Long Range Weather Reports, Daylight Positioning, Location Maps etc etc

During this stage we are required to check Airspace Classification, Airspace Restrictions, Air Traffic Control Needs, Hazardous & Restricted Areas, Local Restricted Sites like Schools, Prisons and Hospitals, Old People’s Homes, Nature Reserves, Farming Livestock, Public Access & Events, Public & Flight Hazards and continual Weather checks prior to the event.

We will also, where required, conduct an On-Site Survey to confirm our digital planning matches the reality of the area when we arrive.

*Repeat flights from the same take off point, reduce our planning costs which are in turn passed on to our repeat / loyal clients.


Once everything has been checked, the deposit is paid / cleared and we have called to confirm the flying conditions are suitable, we will arrive on site at an agreed time and setup our safety equipment, brief the people on site as required, complete a final site check and setup our drone. We will then fly a number of aerial patterns to record as the client has requested and pack up again leaving the site as we found it.


Footage will then be downloaded back at our office and processed according to the agreement.

  • RAW – If you have requested raw unedited footage only, this will be posted or dropped off ASAP.
  • Edited – If you have requested edited footage we will edit the footage as soon as possible according to client urgency and length of service required.
  • Mapping – Mapping can take a few days to select, upload and render depending on size and footage type. We will always keep our clients up to date with the processing and either send you a direct link to the data / maps or deliver the results as soon as possible.

200Acre Site


Operational Delays & Rescheduling 

In the UK Operational Delays are par for the course, it’s a rainy country and most flight delays are due to poor weather conditions, simply because image quality suffers in these types of conditions.

weather1CDF constantly monitor the weather with numerous precision aviation systems. If we have prior notice (long range weather forecasts) showing poor weather conditions, then we will contact those clients possibly affected as soon as possible. As things in the UK change quickly we will keep checking the aviation forecasts as they come in. If we feel flights cannot go ahead safely we will notify you and pencil in an alternative flight date suitable for us both at no additional cost for the flight. UK weather is nothing if not unpredictable and on occasion we may agree to check on arrival with expected changeable weather, in the hope we can fit a flight in between weather systems, however our first priority will always be safety first and as the law dictates, the pilots decision whether or not to fly is final.

Hopefully this page answers some of your questions however as we said previously every client has different needs so please do Get in touch and lets have a chat about your needs. There’s no cost for a chat and we can properly discuss your needs, the drones capabilities and all the finer details of the task at hand.


RoSPA Certified